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Stephen Colton

‘Conversations with Nature’

‘Conversations with Nature’ is a compilation of personal reflections and insights into our natural world, especially the local flora and fauna around us. The author, Stephen Colton also includes his own pencil sketches to enliven his informative stories.

Stephen lives in Dromore, Co. Tyrone with his wife Katherine and their West Highland terrier, Robbie. He has written nature columns for the Local Ulster Herald and in recent years, has had many articles published in the Environment section of the Irish News on a Saturday.

Stephen has a particular interest in birds, their strong links with our ancestors and also their place in Irish folklore.

Through his reflections, Stephen invites us all to take more time to appreciate the great variety of birds, plants and animals which are there for us to enjoy. This is his first book.

Publisher; Davog Press, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh

ISBN 978-1-907530-16-6

Price £ 8.99 Weight (in bubble wrap)  178 gms